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Some of the most common animals Ecuadorian wildlife reserves work with include: 

Two Red Macaws Picture Jaguar Picture
Macaws - Large members of the parrot family whose beauty and intelligence make them sought after pets.  Half of the 16 species of  Macaws are endangered, and all species are in decline.  Macaws live in family groups, and mate for life. Jaguars - Jaguars are endangered due to the value of their beautiful skins, and the decline of their natural habitat.  They are solitary creatures whose territorial range can be upwards of 500 square kilometers.
Rico the Ocelot Picture Capuchin Monkeys Picture
Ocelots - Ocelots are endangered for many of the same reasons as jaguars.  They are excellent swimmers and climbers. Capuchin Monkeys - Capuchins are very intelligent creatures (they have even been used to help paralyzed people) whose numbers have been dwindling due to loss of habitat and the illegal pet trade.
Baby Spider Monkey Picture Andean Spectacled Bear Picture
Spider Monkeys  Spider monkeys are endangered due to the illegal pet trade and habitat loss.  They are very social and agile creatures. Andean Spectacled Bears - Considered a flagship species, the only species of bear in South America is endangered due to habitat destruction and hunting.
Hawk Picture